status: competition – 1st prize
year: 2009.

First prize at The Competition Food For Though, organized by 24/7 Sandwichshop, Netherland.
Routine meals at home or with family and friends are in a constant decline. While having a snack or and eating on-the-go have been on the rise, it is no longer just about rushing – a flexible attitude towards eating has become the norm. We are increasingly rushing and even skipping our meals altogether, while on other occasions we take more time to enjoy our meals or make a special occasion out of it.
New 24/7 Sandwichshop is a chain of interconnected restaurants across the globe, through the use of high-resolution digital computer screens. It is the “new place”. The restaurant in witch you can meet and eat with people from all over the world. You can eat your dinner with your friends who are drinking their morning coffee on the opposite side of the globe.
24/7 Sanwichshop because nothing can replace tasteful meal with dear friend or family.