with M.Arch Nemanja Zimonjić and M.Arch Marija Blagojević
status: competition
year: 2010.

Competition for Serbian Pavillion for The 12th International Architecture Exhibition in Venice, organized by Serbian Association of Architects and Serbian Ministry of Culture
Lost is the installation that, in a symbolic way, shows status and processes that govern the Serbian society and architecture. It consists of two elements:
smoke that symbolized the state of architecture and bar-guiding, which is the society.
At the entrance to the pavilion, visitors will get a gas mask and then (through the anteroom) will be introduced to the main pavilion area which is completely filled with smoke. At the very beginning there will be available social support, ie. bar. Guiding rod through which the, adherence to it, people move through the smoke. Smoke that bothers them, suffocating them, not letting them to see their chaotic motion and simulate architectural disorganization of the Serbian scene.
Moving it through the smoke, a path that meanders will be simulating unpredictability of society, its progress and setbacks as well as its power to leads people without thinking to the unknown until the point of culmination in the middle of space. Here the bar bends and climbs in the air up to a height of 2.5 m where it continues in the horizontal movement. In this way, visitors will be left by the society at the moment they need it most. They will be lost and completely disorientated seeking a way out. Exit is now found more by luck or intuition rather than reason. Some of the visitors will be looking for it by turning back and going backwards still holding the bar and in this way, they will characterize the opposition to mass, which is our present attitude towards anyone who is different, in this case who is moving in the opposite direction. Measures to move in space, symbolic and consistently, is the length of man’s steps. They are setting the matrix by which the bar is folded and guided. At the point where bar disappears, the man still has his own step. In this way, is metaphorically shown how human’s step (decision) is determining society (the bar).
On the other side, the bar will show the injustice of society by allowing continuing to only a small number of people, only those physically chosen ones or ones high enough to reach the bar. Three meters away it will go down to the board level and thus enable guides to those who were brave enough to continue to moving right into the unknown.
The concept of movement through the fog (smoke) by using a pseudo-devices that are more detracting and that eventually leaves you in the lurch, metaphorically and clearly shows the relationship of architecture and society in Serbia today. It is ironically and easily understandable even to those who were lucky not to live in smoke. People who meet in the middle of fog are left to decide whether they will share their previous experience with others, say nothing or give mislead information. Entering the pavilion, people follow those who move in front of them, not knowing where it will take them.
Will our society be once again show in the fog, as the bar that has no beginning or end? Will people start panic, standing in a cloud of smoke when they realize that all of what they believed in leads nowhere?