status: completed
location: Belgrade Design District, Belgrade
size: 18m²
year: 2010.

Čumićevo sokače, was the first Serbian shopping center in the centre of Belgrade, opened at the beginning of the nineties. Goods from the West, which were sold there, immediately made it a major city trend. But a number of social and political factors have influenced the demise of the centre. Today, the old, abandoned two-story shopping centre has been turned into The Belgrade Design District, a place that gathers all the leading Serbian fashion designers, who have their stores there. The Mimimaso and Jovana Marković Store is one of them.
The basic concept of the inerior design resulted from a request to allow it simply to vary from one season to another. The interior is designed and defined as a wooden box with a completely free surface in which garments are presented and sold. All the necessary elements of the interior are independently movable and the suspended ceiling, without any contact with the wooden box which forms the floor and walls. In this way, the wooden box could simply be treated and changed, helping the store stay looking fresh for years to come.