status: completed
location: London, UK
client: Strawberry Energy
year: 2015.
photographs: Dejan Mitrović 3-4, Marc Ehrenbold 5-10

Strawberry Smart Bench is an easily installable and movable street bench powered by solar energy, that offers free battery charging for electrical devices, relevant local info, local environmental data (air quality, noise levels, temperature etc.), info about how much energy is generated and consumed, as well as emergency button for automatic calls to relevant city departments (eg. Police).
The device consists of a wooden bench and a strip like steel structure that wraps around it. The metal strip has the same cross section along its course, receives the solar energy and transforms it into electrical energy. There is a square surface at the top of the strip that is covered by thin-film glass solar panel. A recess for charging cables and a user guide is located at the other end of the strip. The device also features Qi chargers that are incorporated into the wooden beam and marked with symbols engraved in the wood itself.
On October 15th, 2015, the Solar-powered Strawberry Smart Benches were unveiled at London’s Canary Wharf.
Strawberry Smart Benches represent reliable and smart city infrastructure made to meet the daily needs of the mobile generation by providing on-the-go access to energy to recharge mobile devices.