status: completed
location: Tašmajdan Park, Belgrade
year: 2012.
photographs: Miloš Milivojević

Black Tree is a name of design project for public solar charger for mobile devices Strawberry Tree Black, which is invented by Stawberry Energy. This solar system enables visitors of Tašmajdan park to recharge the batteries of their mobile phones, tablets and multimedia devices with the energy of sun.
The charger is conceived as an artificial tree which transforms the solar energy into the necessary electrical energy and in this way joins the surrounding forest in a common struggle for the planet richer in oxygen. Together with the trees around it, Strawberry Tree Black reminds us of the importance of preserving our nature and keeping the air unpolluted. As the real three absorbs CO2 and releases oxygen which makes our environment cleaner, the Strawberry Tree Black uses clean solar energy and produces no detrimental substances, and this way also contributes to global CO2 emission reduction. With its function, this Strawberry Tree Black also reminds us of the insufficiently exploited potential of the energy of the sun, through people’s everyday habits such as sitting under the tree and using the nature as a shelter from the sun. The large but elegant steel construction is more than three and a half meters long and four and half meters tall which follows the line of a real tree.
Square surface at the top of the solar charger is covered by nine thin-film glass solar panels and nine supporting glass panels what simultaneously represents the roofing and a protection for users in case of bad weather conditions. This solar cell structure is held by the artificial treetop consisted of eight steel branches. Thus, resembling the real tree, this solar Strawberry Tree Black perfectly fits into the environment.